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Long time ago, there was a great warrior name Rusdafari.

Rusdafari was the first born of King Agriba of Gilnatha. For long, King Agriba and his people were enslave by a dark power of a great sorcerer and only one thing that can break this dark power, the warrior with the White-Spear. The old prophecy says, that only a strong and worthy man can possess this weapon to defeat the great sorcerer.

Rusdafari grew up to be a strong man, and he was a hard worker person who always love to serve his people.

The people of Gilnatha loved him and they know for sure that he is the one that the prophecy is talking about. So they encourage Rusdafari to seek out the White-Spear so that he could free them forever.

Rusdafari took courage and he found the White-Spear buried deep in the mountain of fire, forged by the gods of the Azuka's their ancestors. Rusdafari marched with his army to the black forest where the great sorcerer lives and they fought him. Rusdafari and his men were defeated many times and they almost return home in vain, but Rusdafari went and face the great sorcerer alone. Rusdafari stroked the great sorcerer with the White-Spear and killed him. The dark power was broken and the people of Gilnatha were freed.

The End.